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Hi! My name is Patrick Fairchild and I work only with buyers!

Now if you’re a seller I will gladly refer you to people I know will get the job done- In fact I believe so strongly in them that I joined their team! There is a link over on the left that will take you to the Team website.

You might wonder why I only work with buyers and if I only work with buyers- why did I join a team?  I’ll be happy to answer that, but first let me make a few statements and ask a couple of questions.

A bit about "Agency"
In a traditional Brokerage the real estate broker and their agents (even the one that sells you a home) are all representatives of the Seller- they represent the SELLER'S best Interest, Negotiate for the highest possible price, and structure the transaction to the SELLER'S advantage.
Under Buyer Agency (available in Georgia since 1994) the "buyer agent" represents the BUYER'S best interest
, negotiates the lowest possible price and structures the transaction to the BUYER'S advantage.
Georgia is a buyer beware state- that means that unless you have a contract with an agent to be YOUR agent- every agent you speak to works for someone else- NOT FOR YOU! The agent who shows you his sellers’ property, by law, cannot tell you some things that might be really important information!  That agent can fill out the forms but he cannot negotiate on your behalf! I believe buyers need someone to be their advocate, and that is a job that truly has my interest and my passion. In your search for your home, don’t you want someone with that kind of commitment and passion for their work?

But why did I join a team if I only work with buyers?  Finding that house, getting the best deal for you, and getting the sale closed, takes a councilor you can trust, a skilled negotiator, and a knowledgeable facilitator.  Each person on our team is an expert in one or more of these areas.  Between us we have more than 50 years of experience. If you have a question that I can’t answer- I have people in my corner that will have your answer!

After you have had the chance to review this information, contact me so we can tell you more about how we can help.


We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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